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Caretaker Care O Sil +

Nano Technology Penetrative Waterproofing

Care O Sil+ is Nano Technology based penetrative waterproofing solutions it penetrates 0.05-2 mm like water in to the  most inaccessible Micro & Nano cracks and honey combs. Converts   water absorbing surface to water resistant surface. Water slides down the vertical surface. Once dried, make it seepage proof

Product Benefits

Application Area


Horizontal Surface 40-45 SQ Mtr/ Ltr

Usage Ratio

Add One Ltr Caretaker Care O Sil+ in to 20 Ltr of Water, Mix wll, Then Add Two Liter of Care O Prime

Shelf Life (Sealed Packing):

4 year From the Manufacturing Date, Keep Cool and Dry Places

Packing, 1 Ltr, 500 ml, 250 ml

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