Drywall Joint Tape

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Drywall Joint Tape

These dry wall tapes are suitable for permanent fixing. Can be used on walls, ceramic tile & wood surface etc. that are clear, dry & smooth.

Fiber glass Drywall Tape is made with a unique cross-fiber glass construction to provide greater drywall joint strength than conventional fiber glass mesh tapes. Fiberglass Drywall Tape resists shrinking, tearing, stretching and distortion It also resists joint cracking that can occur when conventional fiber glass mesh tape is used.

Ideal for patching Use Fibre glass Drywall Tape to easily patch small holes and cracks in drywall and plaster walls and ceilings

Size / Packing : 2 Inch X 60 Mtr, 4 Inch X 60 Mtr, 6 Inch X 60 Mtr

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