Floor protection Tape

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Floor protection Tape

Size: This tape has a width of 610 mm (2feet) and a length of 50 meters.

Micron Thickness: The tape has a thickness of 70 microns. Microns are a unit of measurement for thickness, and 70 microns indicate that the tape is of best quality and provides a protective barrier for surfaces

Color: The tape is blue in color, which can be useful for color-coding or aesthetics

Purpose: Surface protection tape is typically used to protect various surfaces from damage, scratches, and debris during construction, renovation, or transportation. The 70-micron thickness suggests it can provide a superb level of protection.

Length: With a length of 50 meters, this roll of tape provides a great amount of material for covering and protecting surfaces over a substantial area.

Width: The 610 mm width makes it perfect for covering larger surfaces, such as countertops, glass, or metal sheets.

Available Sizes : 50 mm X 10 Mtr, 100 mm X 10 Mtr, 150 mm X 10 Mtr, 1 Mtr X 10 Mtr

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