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Quick Setting & Rapid Hardener for Cement/Concrete

RAPIDCARE is a most effective and dependable concrete hardener of an excellent quick-setting and Rapid hardening agent and of a thoroughly satisfactory waterproofing admixture. Besides this unique and remarkable compound offers other advantages as well.

RAPIDCARE has been tested and approved by various Central and State Government laboratories. In addition, numerous laboratory tests and field trials have been carried out by the authorities of various important projects, in order to determine the efficiency of this compound. The results of each test and trial in respect of RAPIDCARE have been uniformly impressive and consistent throughout. As a result, this compound is now being extensively used at various important projects throughout India.

Product Benefits

Application Area

Because of its quick-setting and rapid hardening qualities, RAPIDCARE saves considerable expenses on labour, formwork etc. as well as by speeding up construction work. Besides, RAPIDCARE is of considerable advantage in the manufacture of pre-cast concrete products.


Control Mix 1 lit 2 lit 3 lit
Initial Setting Time
182 Min
104 Min
24 Min
11 Min.
Final Setting Time
279 Min
16 Min
66 Min
53 Min.

Recommended Application

Under Water Foundations * Machinery Foundation * Concreting at freezing temperature * Emergency Repair works * Industrial Flooring * Airfields, Shipyards, Docks & Godown *Precast Concrete * Dado works

Packing: 20 Liter

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