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Two Pack Waterproofing System

TANKCARE 2K is a Two pack waterproofing coating, flexible, Elastomeric water proofing coating for concrete, water tank, swimming pool, reservoir and masonry surfaces etc. It is 1-part chemicals and 2-part dry mixed powder to be mixed and small quantity of clean water should be added, if necessary, for brushability before application. Once dried it does not require water curing.
TANKCARE 2K can be applied by any layman using by paint brush or spray guns. TANKCARE 2K gives answer for your leaking terraces, kitchen, toilet, chajjes, plastered surfaces roofs, water tank, swimming pools etc.

Product Benefits


How to Use

Recommended Coating


25 to 30 sq. ft per unit (1:2) sq.feet for primer Plus 2 coats.

Important Things To Follow

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