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washi masking film

Washi Masking Film

MULTIPURPOSE SURFACE MASKING TAPE: Multipurpose masker tape is ideal for an assorted range of masking tasks in painting, industrial, automotive & packaging applications.

SUPER EASY TO TEAR, APPLY AND REMOVE: Our masking tape tears easily by hand or with the provided cutter so you can get the perfect piece quickly each time for masking areas.

ZERO RESIDUE & EASY CLEANUP: This Self-Adhesive Masking tape lets you easily mask off walls, carpet and decks before using paint to protect floors & borders from dripping without sticky residue.

Ideal for Masking Appliances, Wall, Doors & Windows, Furniture, Sensitive Objects, Floor, Cabinet etc.

Available Sze ; 550 mm X 30 Mtr, 1100 mm X 20 Mtr, 1800 mm X 20 Mtr, 2700mm x 20 mtr

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